The Land of Hope

by - Oktober 26, 2014

"Mom, wait! Wait for me!"

I ran as fast as I could. I saw another ice-break in front of me. I had to jump with my little legs. Mom waited for me impatiently.

"Quick! The ice is melting!" said Mom.

I once again jumped over an ice-break. Waters were everywhere. I understood that we could not live without solid ground.

My breath rushed when I made it to stand on a solid icy land. It was white wherever my eyes see. Mom rolled down her body to the ground. I felt like I wanted to do the same thing. My body was exhausted.

"Thank God we've made it, Son. Here is the land of hope, where ice never melt."

I looked to the South. We'd been 150 miles away from my homeland. Behind us, there would be many cubs and their mothers who had to walk and swim North miles away just like what we had done, avoiding the heat of summer that had melted the icy land of Svalbard where we used to live.

"Welcome to the North Pole, young bear."


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2 komentar

  1. Why didn't you go to Indonesia, the land of khatulistiwa? Hahaha

  2. Thanks. but my home is at the arctic region.